How to install M.2 SATA SSD on Lenovo ThinkPad L460 laptop


Silver jubilee of Java programming language

25 years back 23rd May 1995 Sun Micro systems released Java programming language to the world. It was the brain child of Dr. James Gosling AKA Dr. Java. Here are few facts about Java programming language. Initially, Dr. Gosling named it Oak, named after the tree outside his office. There are 3+ billion devices runs java today and one-third of it is Android. There is around 10 million Java professional programmer and most of the enterprise still relies on Java. Java is one of the most popular programming languages still today, it comes just behind C programming language according to the programming language ranking website The Java mascot name is Duke.

ISRO PSLV C-37 launch, World record by ISRO.

After the ISRO PSLV C-37 launch, Indian Space Research Organisation( ISRO ) created a global record by successfully launching a breathtaking number of 104 satellites in one go. The old record for the most number of satellites launch was 37 satellite by Russia.  

Top mobile phone photography accessories

Mobile phone photography has made a great advancement in a very short duration of time. From VGA camera to latest powerful 4k dual cameras, it's a beautiful quest for perfection. Even with the increasing number of megapixel, advanced camera app, and editing app there is something which stops photography enthusiasts to fully show off their skill. Major limitations of mobile phone photography are - Fixed aperture, limited control over exposure. No optical zoom. Lack of manual controls. Fixed angle. and so on. Fortunately, this is not the end of the story... Mobile photography can be easily enhanced by using the following mobile phone photography accessories - 1. Selfie Sticks When we talk about mobile phone photography accessories, the first thing comes into mind is Selfie stick. Let's look at the advantages of using a selfie stick -  It allows us to capture large group selfie at ease.  No need to ask strangers to take a photo for you.  No members are

Free programming ebooks download

"Free programming ebooks download" is one of the most commonly searched keyword in the programmer community. Although the Internet is filled with hundreds of programming resources, many of them are free, some of them are subscription based and a large part of it is pirated copyrighted material but out of this mess, finding a proper quality stuff is a herculean task. Even after searching a lot in random sites one may end up wasting a lot of time and energy without getting any useful stuff. Here we are going to give you the best of free programming ebooks which are 100% legal and free to download and of course comes with great quality content. 1. SYNCFUSION Download here. The best thing about syncfusion books is that these books cover all essential contents within around just 100 pages.Currently, more than 90 popular technology book titles are available, including Angular Js , Node Js ,Python, Objective C , SQL, Android...

How to manage headphones?

Managing tangled headphone is not an easy job and can be frustrating enough. Many a time we just throw it into the bag or pocket and as a result headphone wire tangles and becomes a mess. Commonly the way we manage headphones is not the ideal way to deal with it, in worst cases it can significantly reduce the lifetime of the headphone, no matter how expensive it is. Let's learn how to manage headphones properly without losing our mind. Enhance your music listening experience with a tangle-free headphone. Say bye to tangled headphone and enjoy great music.