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Incredible Intel Face Mapping Art. When creativity meets technology this happens. VFX artist Nombumichi Asai & Studio WOW with the association of Intel created this incredible face-mapping art performance. #ExperienceAwesome Only a creative genius can create something like this.

Little known facts about Linux.

Linux almost completed 25 years as an operating system, which is simply wow. let's look at some little-known facts about Linux - A Standard Linux Kernel of today has over 10 Million lines of code and it grows at the rate of 10% every year. About 4500 lines of codes are added and 1500 lines of code are changed everyday. Initially in 1991 , Linux kernel version 0.01 was released with 10239 lines of code. 90% of the world’s most powerful supercomputers are using GNU/Linux . Top ten of supercomputers use Linux . 33.8% of the world runs on Linux servers compared to 7.3% running Microsoft Windows operating system. According to a study funded by the European Union , the estimated cost to redevelop the most recent kernel versions would be at $1.14 billion USD.